COIN@IJCAI2015 is part of the COIN series

Workshop Theme: COIN Issues in Socio-Technical Systems

The socio-technical systems paradigm sees systems as being made up of social systems (hierarchies, communication networks, etc.) and technical systems, or technological artifacts. A main driver is the interplay between technology and its social context of application. All technology is shaped by the social context in which it is adopted, but it also shapes society in ways not imagined before.

As the boundaries between physical and virtual, between fixed and fluid organisations, and between emergence and design of institutions fade, we need to rethink the ways we understand, design and coordinate organisations and institutions. 

In this workshop we aim to extend research done in the past decade on Coordination, Organisation, Institutions and Norms (COIN) to the realm of Socio-Technical Systems (STS). What are the lessons learned from COIN research that benefit STS? What are specific aspects of STS that need to be taken into account by COIN research? How can multi-agent systems support the understanding and governance of integrity, robustness, trust, privacy, security and other properties of STS? 

In this workshop we seek to attract high-quality papers and an active audience to debate, from different perspectives, on issues related COIN aspects in Socio-Technical Systems. We look forward to:

  • papers that propose novel and challenging positions.
  • papers that present interdisciplinary treatment of topics
  • papers that present formal treatment of topics
  • papers that provide experimental support to claims.
  • papers that discuss tools, prototypes and actual working systems.
  • papers that report on the experience of deployment and application of regulated open MAS.
  • papers concerned with modelling, animation and simulation techniques

Of particular interest for the workshop are those papers that articulate a challenging or innovative view.